Interior design tips for making the best furniture choices

Interior design tips for choosing furniture. You may have made a really bad choice of sofa in the past and had to live with your costly mistake. You liked the look of the sofa, the colour and comfort, when you sat on it briefly in the store and the price was within your budget. The sofa was delivered and placed in your living room, you added some colour coordinated scatter cushions and other personalised decor touches, later to find the sofa extremely uncomfortable or the furnishing fabric wearing rather quickly. If this was you experience please consider my interior design tips for next time.

My Interior design tips for making the best furniture choices

  • Measure the space where your new sofa is going, so you know what width sofa to purchase. Mark out the size of the sofa you’re considering on your floor, allow for walking space around sofa.
  • Consider the style that best suits your living room, whether contemporary, classic or retro.
  • Think about fabric or leather colour. Neutral tones are safer and you can add colour pop with scatter cushions. Cushions are easily changed for a fresh new look. If you are purchasing from your local furniture store, they usually have a good selection of furnishing fabrics and leathers. I recommend you select a more durable grade of fabric, than the cheapest on offer. The fabric should wear better for longer.
  • The price often reflects the quality, but not always. If the furniture’s made in Italy it doesn’t always mean it’s better quality than a sofa made in China. Stores are full of imported furniture and it’s difficult to know what quality you are buying. Personally I like to buy Australian made furniture, it supports jobs, our local economy and often the quality is far superior. I have a comfortable 13 year old sofa from Molmic furniture, made in Melbourne I recently had it recovered in stunning donkey grey fabric, giving it a whole new lease of life and fresh new look.
  • Ask the store assistant about the construction of the sofa. Good quality sofa frames are generally made of hardwood, steel springs and durable high grade Dunlop forms. Feathers and or form cushioning are used for a relaxed comfortable sit.

Try my interior design tips and take your time deciding. If you need any extra help with your interior decorating, consider contacting your local Interior Designer, their advice can save you time and money in the long term. I use some great Australian furniture makers, the beauty is you have more choice of size, style and furnishing fabric. We have a number of fabulous fabric houses here in Australia, for example

It’s nice to have furniture that you won’t see anywhere else, which reflects your personality and unique interior style. You might also like to check out these other Australian furniture manufacturers.