The most inspiring interiors introduce big bold artworks to create drama and interest to a room. Looking for a dramatic entry to your home? Or a focal feature that creates a vibe and adds personality to your interior? Ever thought of purchasing a painting or a sculpture? There are many very talented artists in Australia. You may even know a local artist in your area, chat with them about your room, invite them to look at the space, listen to their ideas. If you like their painting style, suggest commissioning a painting, this can be highly successful, as you get the size artwork you need for the space, plus you get to influence the colour choices used to complement your room. I’ve had a number of commissions over the years, this way the client gets a painting that thoughtfully compliments the interior of their room.

I found this article about inspiring interiors, sent to me from one of my fabric suppliers, get inspired by these rooms.

As an artist and interior designer, I couldn’t possibly think of living in a house without paintings, sculptures, ceramics or things handmade. Art created by someones hands, is wholesome, tactile, evokes emotions, feeds our soul. Check out your local galleries, go to some art exhibitions, see what inspires you, see how art makes you feel. Everyone enjoys art differently, that’s where the expression came from, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The colours & textures in nature inspire me in my art. I like to create drama and evoke good vibes. The person who bought this painting featured here said to me, I can look at this painting every morning from my kitchen and it makes me feel happy.

I’m currently designing our new home and important consideration is being given to the ceiling heights and width of walls in areas like the entry space, where I’ll hang one of my large colourful paintings. I plan to create a very large painting in a prominent position on the feature wall of the open plan living area. This will be the dramatic wow factor in the room and also compliment the overall interior design of the home.

Stay in touch here to read my blogs on the progress of creating our dream home

Need more inspiration, check out my paintings for sale on my website

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Interior design tips for choosing furniture. You may have made a really bad choice of sofa in the past and had to live with your costly mistake. You liked the look of the sofa, the colour and comfort, when you sat on it briefly in the store and the price was within your budget. The sofa was delivered and placed in your living room, you added some colour coordinated scatter cushions and other personalised decor touches, later to find the sofa extremely uncomfortable or the furnishing fabric wearing rather quickly. If this was you experience please consider my interior design tips for next time.

My Interior design tips for making the best furniture choices

  • Measure the space where your new sofa is going, so you know what width sofa to purchase. Mark out the size of the sofa you’re considering on your floor, allow for walking space around sofa.
  • Consider the style that best suits your living room, whether contemporary, classic or retro.
  • Think about fabric or leather colour. Neutral tones are safer and you can add colour pop with scatter cushions. Cushions are easily changed for a fresh new look. If you are purchasing from your local furniture store, they usually have a good selection of furnishing fabrics and leathers. I recommend you select a more durable grade of fabric, than the cheapest on offer. The fabric should wear better for longer.
  • The price often reflects the quality, but not always. If the furniture’s made in Italy it doesn’t always mean it’s better quality than a sofa made in China. Stores are full of imported furniture and it’s difficult to know what quality you are buying. Personally I like to buy Australian made furniture, it supports jobs, our local economy and often the quality is far superior. I have a comfortable 13 year old sofa from Molmic furniture, made in Melbourne I recently had it recovered in stunning donkey grey fabric, giving it a whole new lease of life and fresh new look.
  • Ask the store assistant about the construction of the sofa. Good quality sofa frames are generally made of hardwood, steel springs and durable high grade Dunlop forms. Feathers and or form cushioning are used for a relaxed comfortable sit.

Try my interior design tips and take your time deciding. If you need any extra help with your interior decorating, consider contacting your local Interior Designer, their advice can save you time and money in the long term. I use some great Australian furniture makers, the beauty is you have more choice of size, style and furnishing fabric. We have a number of fabulous fabric houses here in Australia, for example

It’s nice to have furniture that you won’t see anywhere else, which reflects your personality and unique interior style. You might also like to check out these other Australian furniture manufacturers.




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Interior design styling for the change of seasons

Recently I have come across a great article from a brilliant interiors wholesaler, please click the link below for the full article for some interior design styling idea’s.

As the temperature drops we move indoors devoting more time to our homes.

Our exclusive collection for interior designers offers rich colours and textures that aim to bring warmth and comfort.

1 . At Boyd Blue we can’t go past the undeniable comfort of layering textures upon each other – think linen, cashmere throws and feather filled cushions.

2. Renew a space simply by centralising around a focal point, rearranging the rooms orientation during cooler months towards a fireplace or cosy nook.  Project by In2Design features a bespoke Harrison armchair from our brand White Furniture.

4. Create a cohesive mix of sleek shiny surfaces juxtaposed with handmade muted materials for a space with a unique narrative that moves away from the cookie cutter syndrome.  The luxe collection from Arteriors beautifully combines a collection exclusive to interior designers.

5. You needn’t limit your colour to spring & summer. Autumn can still be playful and inviting too with prints and pattern. Our Designer Boys collection (available in QLD & NSW) is a great way to splash colour and movement.

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The Huffington Post – Published: 06/17/2016 10:15 pm 22:15:46 | Updated Jun 17, 2016

Samantha Matcovsky
Writer, reader, artist, produce lover

Born in New Zealand and now living in Australia, painter and interior designer, Sue Paterson, has made her way to America, with her bright, naturalistic new art series in tow. Although Paterson is an avid traveler, taking inspiration from flora, fauna and architecture from wherever she visits, this is her premiere U.S. exhibition. Her collection, Bursting Into Life hones in on her meditative process, genuine attachment to nature and skills as a maestro of interiors.


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Growing up encompassed by nature and her environment, both inside her family’s antique shop and every aspect of New Zealand and Australia’s landscape, Sue Paterson has drawn inspiration from her surroundings that make up the majority of her body of work. From her bold paintings to her unique, functional interior design product collection, Sue Paterson has a clear vision of what she wants to create. Beautiful, meditative, bright pieces. Combining her creative mind with practical skills in interior design, Sue is an up-and-coming name to remember for her seamless blend of perspective and artistry that brings the brilliant hues to the canvas. Sue tellsJustLuxe about her inspirations, current projects, and hopes for the future.

Sue Paterson


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By: Jana Ritter AXS Contributor May 23, 2016


Australian artist, Sue Paterson, is making her colorful mark on the Los Angeles art scene with her US debut show,“Bursting into Life.” Paterson’s solo exhibition is currently taking place at Hollywood’s renowned Montalban Theater from May 17-June 21, 2016 and features her large-scale acrylic paintings of vibrant blooms and bold landscapes. The artist herself will be in attendance at the reception night celebration on Tuesday, May 24th from 7-10 pm and closing reception on June 21, 2016 from 7-10 pm. All are welcome to the event. (more…)

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Latest ‘Art Scene’ Interviews on 24 May , 2016


SUE PATERSON – fine artist & interior designer based in Brisbane, Australia – just brought her captivating paintings for the first time to the US for a show called “Bursting Into Life” at the iconic Montalban Theater in Hollywood from May 17-June 4.  Sue has been drawing, painting and creating as long as she can remember, and her artistic career has flourished alongside her work as an interior designer.  AND now she has designs on the U.S. market, from LA to NY.  You go, girl!

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Australian artist Sue Paterson is bringing her captivating paintings to the US for the first time. The exhibition called Bursting into Life will be open daily at the Montalban Theatre on Vine Street in Hollywood from mid May this year.

While her style has been described by some as surrealistic expressionism, she has been mostly inspired by the impressionist masters, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Kandinsky. Sue uses a vibrant palette of color to capture the emotion that motivates each of her pieces.


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Australian Artist, Sue Paterson, is flying high after being extremely well received during her recent visit to the Big Apple.

After successful meetings with renown Art Critics & Curators there is a real possibility for future creative collaborations in the vibrantly eclectic, New York Art scene.

Sue is buzzing with new inspirations after visiting many of the famous galleries and soaking up some of her favourite masters…Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Gaugan, Cezanne, Renoir, while also discovering new & wonderful Artists, doing incredibly beautiful work.


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Published On June 2, 2015 | In Socials


Acclaimed artist Sue Paterson officially opened her first solo exhibition, “Bursting Into Life” last Saturday, 30 May. Inspired by grief and the path to finding one’s happiness, the exhibition features works inspired by nature. Paterson says, “I’m in constant awe of it’s beauty, it’s many different hues, contrasts, patterns and textures. Seeing how colours interact and bounce off each other stimulates my creative process.” The exhibition, on display at Paddington’s Percolator Gallery, runs until June 7. For more information, please visit the gallery’s website here.

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